Payroll Administration Services

Any enterprise that pays salaries and wages has the time consuming and repetitious task to accurately and timeously pay the agreed remuneration to its employees and to comply with the related legal requirements with regards to employee’s tax, unemployment insurance contribution, skills development levies, employee tax incentive and such. The complexity and applicable legislation and the requirements of the South African Revenue Services that change constantly, as well as the increasingly more sophisticated systems that are needed to administer this, makes the use of a specialist a logical decision.

Just think about the resources that you have to allocate to this task together with the fact that this is not a core function of your business. If you can eliminate this, the staff involved can be used more productively elsewhere in the pursuit of your business goals.

We can take away the burden of payroll administration that will allow you to concentrate on that which is truly important in your business. We have extremely capable and committed professional staff that has the knowledge and skills to effectively and accurately take care of all aspects of your payroll administration. They keep abreast of all changes in legislation and are always available for consultation.

We use the latest technology and software available on the market and is set up to accommodate the simplest or most sophisticated business structures. This includes online services for businesses or staff who do not work at the administrative centrum. We can handle staff volumes from one to several hundred, and we design a system that is specifically tailored to your unique business needs. Confidentiality of data is guaranteed and a strong back-up system is maintained.

Outsourcing of your payroll makes sense. Chat to us to find out more. The cost relating to this service is less than you might think and is worth its weight in gold once you calculate the benefits.

Our services include:

  • Payroll Administration Services, including:
    • Processing of salaries and wages
    • Preparation of salary advice slips and payment of salaries and wages into staff bank accounts
    • Reconciliation of all deductions
    • Leave administration
    • Processing of overtime, bonuses, advances, claims for travel, etc.
  • SARS Compliance, including:
    • Effecting of all necessary payments: SARS, Unemployment Insurance, Medical Aid Contributions, Pension Fund Contributions, Employment Incentive, etc
    • Preparation and submission of all returns
    • Preparation and distribution of IRP5 certificates electronically or manually
  • Salary Structuring
  • Statutory Registrations
  • Consultation and advisory services