Long service awards

We are very proud to give special mention to our staff members who have been with us for 10 years or more. These staff members have been part of our team at the firm that merged into the company that is today Unik Professional Services. We congratulate them on this achievement and thank them for their years of excellent service, loyalty and commitment. We are looking forward to many more!

LTR – Front Row Petro van Deventer: 12 years; Susan Nieuwoudt: 17 years; Chrissie Demas: 12 years; Suzanne Mostert: 10 years; Minette Burger: 10 years; Jo-Marie Relihan: 16 years;
LTR – Back Row Hester Bestbier: 11 years, Hilmari Mouton: 10 years, Daleen Louw: 34 years; Christine Hartley: 12 years, Elmolene Goliath: 22 years; Lynette Le Roux: 24 years; Lewiesa Markus: 23 years