Meet Our Team – Christine Hartley

Christine, like many in our firm, is a jack-of-all-trades. Sometimes due to necessity, but often because she just wants to get stuff done – properly, the first time around. She has taken on many responsibilities during the 15 years that she has been with the firm that today is Unik Professional Services, and her no-nonsense approach and high quality standards are some of her success trademarks.

She is always willing to take on new duties, often out of her comfort zone, and as a result have grown into the very capable multi-skilled star that she is today. She possesses that unique talent combination of strong administrative skills as well as awesome creativity. However, what we enjoy most about Christine is her wicked sense of humour! She will often drop a sharp comment in a difficult situation which reduces everybody to laughter, and in a high stress work environment sometimes that is just what we need. But don’t mess with her – one look with those blue eyes can silence the even the snarkiest attitude.

Christine is responsible for the company secretarial compliance in our firm, and as a qualified B-BBEE analyst she also assists in this service line. She assists with IT, general practice administration and is also responsible for our digital marketing system – including this newsletter that you are reading!

Thank you Christine for being truly unik!