Our Story

The Brief

The name and logo of Unik Professional Services has a swirling back-story. Our founder Oddette dreamed that her company would embody her personality and style and when she set out in a traditionally conservative arena, she wanted to make a bold statement – something dynamically unique and cutting edge while maintaining a professional sensibility.

The name Signé, meaning “signature” in French, was always close to her heart. The creative team was briefed to design a logo that embodied Oddette’s personal touch.
After crafting a beautiful design, the news came that the name could unfortunately not be registered because similar trademarks in the financial industry could cause brand confusion. Never discouraged, Oddette updated the brief to the creative team. A new name had to be derived.


After many name suggestions two options
emerged: Fluid which suggested flowing,
graceful and elegant, representing the
constant drive for innovation and growth in
the business…


…and Vivant – another French word meaning “vibrant.” This was to showcase the drive, energy and passion of our people.

arrowThe tweaks & voila

Initially all letters were one colour and then it
happened… In changing the colour of the “I”
the slogan ‘the one that stands out’ evolved out of the brand. It all came together brilliantly.
The logo that defines us: It’s strong and dares to go beyond. It’s truly one that stands out.


Neither suggestions inspired Oddette who then suggested the team come up with something suggesting Unique. And so Unik was born. The word means “unique” in Norwegian – the country Oddette’s grandfather hailed from.
The creative team then applied a stronger, more contemporary font.