UKnow Editorial – Aug 2019

Two of the reasons why I am so proud of our firm is firstly our incredible team, and secondly our collective strive to achieve quality, deliver service excellence and focus on innovation. Our world, our profession and our business environment is constantly changing, and because of this we work hard to stay ahead of new developments and embrace challenges as new opportunities.

Against this background, we are very proud to be launching an exciting new chapter in our Unik journey soon, so watch our usual spaces for these announcements! We are looking forward to the enhanced service delivery and benefits that this will have for our clients.

As we focus on introducing more of our team members this year, please read about our amazing Daleen Louw who has been part of our team for over 35 years.

We also welcome Chrisanne Dicks, who recently joined our team.

If you want to respond to or comment on any of our news items or other relevant information, please contact us at or 022 – 482 1169, or join the conversation on our social media platforms on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

Warm regards until next month.