UKnow Editorial – August 2018

August is Women’s Month and we are very proud of our team of women at Unik! Please see our special dedication in P.S. below and the article included in celebration of them.

Tax season is now in full swing. It is important to understand your obligations in terms of tax compliance, and we publish some information in this regard in the articles this month. Taxpayers are reminded that the filing season will be closing earlier this year, and it is imperative to ascertain which filing deadline applies.

We will be posting a special notice to inform and remind clients and readers about the CIPC requirement for companies to submit either annual financial statements or a Financial Accountability Supplement (FAS) in certain circumstances when submitting their company’s annual returns. The XBRL format is required in these instances, and we will be communicating to affected clients to assist with this process.

If you want to respond to or comment on any of our news items or other relevant information, please contact us at or 022 – 482 1169, or join the conversation on our social media platforms on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

Warm regards until next month.

P.(ersonal)S.(tory). Meet our team of superwomen at Unik. I could not imagine running our firm without this lot – they are fun, committed, passionate, perfectionists, tough as nails, and sometimes eccentric – but all truly Unik!

These women are very special and we celebrate each one’s uniqueness and strengths. We are mothers, daughters, wives, professionals, managers and friends. Together, we make an amazing team and can take on any challenge thrown at us.

We salute all our women!

Warm regards until next month.

Oddette Boshoff

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