UKnow Editorial – Feb 2019

As an avid reader of just about anything (I am one of the proud bibliobibuli), I recently read again and was reminded of two interesting things about my beloved profession. The first is the debate on whether the accounting profession is indeed the oldest or the second oldest profession in the world. Then, interestingly enough, the first recorded name in history belongs to an accountant! The 5 000 year old Kushim tablet appears to record the receipt of shipments of barley in Mesopotamia, recorded by Kushim.
The significance of this is not the fame or glory of these claims, but indeed that accounting has always been that significant in daily life – whether it is your own personal finances, a multi-national company or a non-profit venture. So whether you like it or not, having transactions and financial information recorded and stored properly from the outset will not only save you time, money and administration later on, but it will serve as a proper basis for making important personal and business decisions. Take care of this basic necessity, even if you outsource it, and you will reap the rewards!
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Oddette Boshoff

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