UKnow Editorial – June 2018

The importance of good quality bookkeeping is something that cannot be emphasised enough. If the financial records of an entity is not written up accurately, completely and timeously, every decision and action based on that information will be at risk of being wrong: strategic decisions regarding the development and future of the entity, information reported to owners and managers, calculation of prices and margins, etc. Another consequence of this is that audits end up costing a lot more due to errors, and this may even result in an adverse audit opinion being issued on the financial records of the entity.

It is worth spending the money to have this done properly. Many fall into the trap of skimping on this function only to end up spending even more money to remedy the consequences. Not only does the person attending to bookkeeping need to have proper accounting knowledge and experience and software skills, it is vitally important to maintain updated knowledge of tax and other legislation.

We invest an incredible amount in our people and systems to ensure quality and staying up to date with the latest developments in this field. Not only is this our livelihood, but also our passion! We are very excited about our new strategic development in this field.

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Warm regards until next month.

Oddette Boshoff


P.(ersonal)S.(tory) This is a photo of me and my dad. Not only is he the cleverest man I know, but also the wisest. He is my mentor and role model, and I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him every day. I am proud to be Chris de Jager’s daughter.

To all the dads – happy Father’s Day!



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