UKnow Editorial – May 2017


Normally we do not write about our clients and their businesses for various and obvious reasons. However, this month is an exception.

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, one of our clients had a massively successful run recently on an international crowdfunding platform following their invention of Nimuno Loops, now commonly referred to as “Lego Tape” (caveat – be aware of all the counterfeit wannabe’s out there!). What is not so widely known, is that this invention comes from the same company that invented the popular children’s bike Y-bike almost a decade ago. We experienced this incredible journey with them and both we and they thought it a good idea to write about it as we are all great believers in the use of technology and alternative business strategies such as crowdfunding to grow entrepreneurs and businesses. I realised as we went along that our traditional ways of thinking about business have to change if we want to stimulate invention and entrepreneurship. I was so excited to see what is already happening in the world and look forward to being part of that change.

What a privilege to live in such exciting times!

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Warm regards until next month.


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