UKnow Editorial – September 2018

Happy Spring! Although it is still bitterly cold in the Western Cape as this newsletter is published, the countdown to a new season and consequently the end of the year has begun. Just over 3 months to go until a well-deserved summer break for most!

The contributions to our newsletter UKnow are written and designed by staff members who volunteer to do so. Anyone in our firm has this opportunity, and we value these contributions immensely. What I like about this format is that everybody has a chance to say or do something about experiences in their everyday work life which they think can be valuable – whether it is a highly technical matter such as our article on employment income abroad, a manifest on the importance of every employee’s role in a firm, or the design in the editorial photo. We really have such an amazing team at Unik! The different strengths of each team member is a real contribution to the power of the firm Unik Professional Services as an entity.

The Office of the Tax Ombud recently published a leaflet on what constitutes systemic issues and such issues that have been identified. We publish a link to this leaflet on the website of the Tax Ombud as anyone who has ever experienced frustration with tax matters might find this informative. This leaflet can be accessed at

If you want to respond to or comment on any of our news items or other relevant information, please contact us at or 022 – 482 1169, or join the conversation on our social media platforms on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

Warm regards until next month.

Oddette Boshoff

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